Choosing Windows or Linux Hosting

When you are developing a web site, there are many factors to consider. One of the things you need to decide is choosing between Windows or Linux hosting. Make sure you understand the difference between these two types of hosting.

When deciding which type of hosting to get, first take into consideration the cost. That can be a huge factor because the Linux based systems tend to be less expensive. That is because this is considered an open platform type of hosting and only needs to be downloaded. However, with the Windows based hosting you are going to have to worry about paying for the license of using this type of hosting.

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Something else that you need to consider is the technology that the site is built off of. Some of the technology might not be supported by one type of hosting; it might only be supported on the other one. So you need to make sure that the software that you are using is going to be supported by the host you decide on. For example if a person is going to be using a .php file extension then they might want to consider using the Linux based servers because it tends to work better on this system.

The ease of use is something that should be looked into as well. If you have never used Linux before, you could find that it will be difficult to follow what is going on. However, you should realize that if you do use this type of hosting that it might prove to be more user friendly once you work with it a bit. The same can be said for the Windows based type of hosting. Try to do a little research on how easy it is to use each one of them. With today’s user interfaces, Linux has certainly become easier to use than it was in the past. So, the learning curve may not be as steep.

Integration of other programs onto your hosting computer needs to be considered as well. If your operating system is oriented to one of these programs, you could find that it will be easier to get programs to work better with it. So, be sure that the programs you plan on using will work with the hosting software. Obviously, if you’re utilizing a lot of Microsoft applications, then you should go with Windows hosting.

Being able to build a web site is great. However, the problem that can be present to many people is going to be choosing between Windows and Linux hosting. When you know the differences though, the choice should become obvious to you which one of these hosting plans to select.